Tuesday, 20 August 2013

chapter 26 那角色


Saturday, 3 August 2013

Chapter 25 how my mom used to be

This morning i have to fetch mom out so I expect that mom will awake me.
I set my alarm 6.30am and 7.30am. I just off my alarm to sleep 10 more min, I tot mom will awake me. I have to fetch her out at 8.30am.

Get back to sleep is one of the best thing for me :)
When I'm awake, I look at my phone.
Fuck, I'm going to late for work. Is already 8.25am and I still have to fetch mom go out.
Rush to bathroom take my shower and get everything done. I tot mom already go out so I do not have to fetch her out. Suddenly she coming back.
I stare at her and raise my voice ask her: WHY YOU NEVER AWAKE ME??
She just ask me why you woke up late?
Then I din't answer anything and I just ask her get ready.

When she get into my car, she pass my breakfast to me. I told her last Friday I want to eat the kuih and this morning she do not have to work so she went to market bought for me.
Then, she told me : I think auntie went for holiday already, today she is off. I went to other stall want buy lunch for you they also din open.
Damnnnnn, I very guilty! Mom purposely went out buy breakfast and lunch to me yet i still blame her for this and that. I always take this as guaranteed. *guiltyyyyytothemaxxxx*

I always feel like mom only remember what my brother said! She always forget what I need and what I like to eat! She will just prepare my bro favorite food but I already used to it because I am big sister.
Until today, I know mom love both of us.

Swear to the God, my mom treat me like princess and I will treat her like my QUEEN.
I will pay back to mom one day and provide her with a super comfy life.
Just give me another two years time, mom.
I want to be an independent woman before 25 years old !!