Thursday, 25 October 2012

chapter 16 Glad You Came

New sem and great to see jamie and steffi, of course with the fei po wenny hoo.
i was blessed because i met few new human in this semester.
8 of us. greatttt, 8 of us are female.

wenny..christine..steffi..ying ting..jayce..queenie

oppssss, jamie is not inside this picture coz she absent on that day.
and yet, jamie still part of us.

 wenny always told me that she look like vivian chow(HK star).
she used to tell me EVERY SINGLE DAY -.-

christine chong.
she is the most annoying. 
every one of them said that she and I is one pair, no one can seperate us.
hahah, coz both of us is so damn annoying and talkative :p
whenever i sit right next to her, sure talk a lot and i won't focus to lecturer.
gossip girl xoxo how to listen to lecturer.
but i love talk to her.
she is real !!

steffi chong.
i know her when I first come to degree.
this is my second year first sem and she is third sem right now.
when i first know her, we faced the same probs.
long distance relationship.
unfortunately, i break up with my ex.
and yet..
she still together with her boyfie. 
3 years, waooooo :O
keep it up.
mom told me that if you guys can work out in your long distance relationship, it shows that this is your true love.
maybe mine one is not.
heeee, anyway. all the best for you :)

ying ting.
when i first met her, i tot that she is a very shy shy girl.
when come close to her, i think my first impression towards her is sooooo wrong !!
she always speak out some kind of weird thing and make me laugh a lot.
she is so friendly.
she always invite us to her house for doing assignment, revision together..
*soundssssss hardworking right*
end up, we watch movie together.
and also thanks to her intro me a new job :)

Jayce chong.
she is elder than me but we are september babiessssss.
i am 25 sep and she is 27 sep.

she is so pretty.
her eye is so big.
laugh all the time especially when she start fight with christine.

actually when we all start to talk with christine, we couldn't calmmm down.
she is really really really funny.
she always think out of the box.

jamie is not inside the picture because she got food poison on that day.
seeee, how lovely coursemate we are.
jamie always give us very useful idea during class activity and she can speak english fluently.
awwww, envyyy her !!

lastly is queenie.
wow, she looks gorgeous.
she is a ballet tutor. 
i felt embarrassing when i stand next to her.
she is tall and fair.

everyone of them is awesome, glad to have you guys in my college live :)

day before our first mid term exam in this sem, QS.

Calculation is the best weapon to kill me !! :x 

Class activity for cooperate com class.
don't try to bully us !!
we learn how to write complain letter through this subject!

never try to bully us, 8 of us will complain you 99 !!

steffi birthday.
thanks christine brings us unforgetable memories.
 you sudah makan???