Tuesday, 28 February 2012

chapter 5 the moment i really miss


没有物质的诱惑,只有一颗真诚爱你的心 ;)





我不介意他在我面前挖鼻孔 :p




Sunday, 26 February 2012

chapter 4 fully utilized :)

  F . R . I . D . A . Y    24.12.2012  
early morning breakfast with bicky. have a nice girly talk with her :)
after that meet him and we heading to malacca.

malacca # movie # thousand layer cake # asam laksa # jonker street # taiwan sausage # dragon fruit juice #

nothing special coz one month i have been there for twice. LOL
have fun with the different people ;)

S . A . T .U . R . D . A . Y 25.2.2012 
esther's birthday celebration.
early morning went to her house. met with her family new member..GOLDEN :D
superb cute !! 
today is a super busy day.

play with golden zai # baby sitter # stalked people through facebook and instragram with esther #take nap before party start.. hah !! # prepare steambot material # watching on call 36 hour episode 10..repeatedly 4 times -.- # camwhoring # 

the most awesome moment.. playing true or dare ! hhahahaha. have a lot fun with the beloved sister 

exhausted !!

pillow talk with dearest esther before sleep :)

S . U . N . D . A .Y  26.2.2012 

1u with esther and her friends.
we went dragon-i for breakfast. hmm, the food not bad :) 
after that meet up with min lim, lunch at watami. 
again, keep eating even i don't feel hungry.
min lim and his friend is really really 38.
have fun with 3 of them.
the weird part : when i come back from toilet, esther ask me when did i pay the bill?
then i was like .. huh? what happen..? i din't..
we don't know who pay the bill, somemore got balance. lol !!
we din't bother much, hahaha. ciaooooo
but we din't take the balance la :p
5 of us spent around RM125 for the meal, hahhaah !!

after sing k session :)

have fun on this three day and i have fully utilized my off day.
times to back to uni life.
work hard and study hard !!
march busy to rush assignment :/ 5 assignment in total

gotta rush my assignment.

this is three day story :)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

chapter 3 sounds irony :)


finally watch i love hong kong 2012.
i superb like this movie, is funny and touch :')

after movie, i went T.G.I Fridays for dinner.
ishhhh, i really out dated. i never been there before ><
yesterday is my very first time :p

i just realize i'm superb annoying.
no wonder tkk always ignore me !!

yesterday the waiter lead us to seat, then i say don't want sit near to the door.
okayyyy then, the waiter lead us to inside.
after we sit down and i keep looking around, then i tell him i want sit the next table.
actually, i just pattern pattern banyak. i don't know why he take it so serious.
he ask the waiter can we switch to next table.
then i was like...huh?? sai ng sai orh?
waiter say the next table is smoking zone, so we din't change.

kay then, order food also take 15 min.
i don't know what drinks i order. omg, the orange juice taste spicy *yiakkkkkk*
then he ask me order a new drinks.

actually i know i'm annoying !! ya, i do really know :x

this is today story.

Monday, 20 February 2012

chapter 2 there are part of my life

someone ask me before: hey, you very friend/close with xxx right?

actually my answer is : yes, three of them is really important to me.
of course, others friend or people are important as well.
so..when come to first thought, i will think of three of them.

one of the important people is left. okay, that is really pain. *ouchhhhhh* :'(
and yet that is past already.
i used to cried every single night, the feeling is really tear my heart into thousand pieces and i don't know why am i so sakai after cried for whole night and i back to the origin, means the person.
As times go through, i recover-ing.
old bloggie close cause i don't know how to manage :x
there is full of our memory. okayy, so that bloggie is use to 纪念我死去的爱情

i back to the life before i met him.
okay, i'm single right now but doesn't means that i'm available. if you got gf ad, please stay away from me !! *bishhhhhh*
i don't want your gf to misunderstand anything and i don't want people call me folk :(((

well, let's talk about the rest ._.

taaadaaaaa..she is my sister from another mother.
we sleep together.
we laugh together.
we teas each other.
we scold bad word to each other.
we can fart in front of each other . opppppssss
we can share a drinks or a set of food.

and the most thing we did is camewhoringgggg :D

back to last year september.
a little short conversation between us.
me: eh, i want buy an elmo keychain la, is look cute.
she: keychain so small la, your birthday i buy u an elmo.
me: huh? ermmm, okay..

24 september.
i received an elmo from her.
hahah, ta zhen de hen sweet :)

let's move to the next one.

she attend most of my family gathering.
she follow me to call my auntie 阿姨好,姑姑好,婆婆好  
hahahah, ye. she is cute !!
we know each other 6 year ad.

we are degree right now.

even we take different course and yet we still meet up always.
when i need help, she always lend me her hand :)
when i cry, she lend me her shoulder :)

we study together.
we hang out together.
we play together.
we travel together.
we sleep on the same bed.

this is today story.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

chapter 1 谢谢你们,爱我的每个人

而我想说的是: 谢谢你们总是都在这 :)


天呐,生活实在是多姿多彩 : D

this is today story.