Tuesday, 8 January 2013

chapter 21 resolution 2013#

Bro: jeh, why you can't do this?you're 20 years old. oppss sorry, you're 21 years old now.
Me: ....

dafuq, my bro always remind me how old am i! always scold me why 21 years old still afraid the little tiny brownie cockroach! this is the most annoying thing that my bro keep on reminded me -.-
so he is always my superhero. when i saw this little tiny brownie, i will shout out loud his name. He will come teasing me but after while he will save me :)

i din write down any resolution for 2012.
what happen to me? only 20 post for 2012, nothing much to remember or i just too busy to blog?
I guess both ba :/

i should blog more, is 2013 right now...FOREVER 21 right??

just now i review my old blog, i laugh non stop. what i had done on my previous time? owhhhmyyyogddd !!
i just realize that i wasted so much time on a person, the same person.
i din't said that i regret, he make me laugh make me cry and we loved each other. 

okayyy, my 2013 resolution.
first thing, i want find a boyfie before VALENTINE DAY. *god blessed me pleaseeeee* :(
second thing. i am not that greedy, just same like last year. all my CGPA is 3.0 and above

#3 i want to go pulau redang with tkk !!
#4 must buy myself something as a birthday present, is my 21st birthday ehhh
#5 i want to go singapore to celebrate christmas! goshhh, i finish my exam on 24 dec :(

some more????  why my wish list is so little !! ewww !!

i found this from a blogger.
if you have no idea for your resolution, try on this.


love - means that i will get a boyfie very soon? :p hope so, hahah!
experience- i will try on different career to gain different experience.
popularity- i have no idea on this

i should set alarm for myself, review this post on 31122013 :D


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

chapter 20 one step forward ;)


tonssss of love from this happy family especially my dad, my mom and my brother.
finally i finish all my assignment and GOD blessed, my final over :D that's why i am a happy kids right now.
i am really busy on november and december.
everytime yumcha with babe girls i will bring along my laptop to do my assignment. One heart two use. Heee. i don't wanna skip my babe girls gathering session. Girl talk always cheer me up.
what in my mind is i should party all the day on my degree year one and year two, year three is the most important.
facts that, degree year two and is only sem one already drove me crazy :(( so stressful !!

november is all about presentation and assignment.
december get ready for final, continuous five day. 4 theory subject and one calculation subject.
I wonder that how do i get over my final.
dad purposely went to buy redbull for me at the middle of the night. *heartmelt*
guess this help a lot !!

one thing to remark on december definitely is 12122012.
wootsss, the last year that the date will be repeated.
celebrate my special day with these happening people.
we went uncle jang for dinner then haegen dazs chocolate fondue for dessert !! *thumbssssupppp*

she so pretty and look sweet in this picture.
she always brings lots of fun for us.
love her, catherine voo.

Next thing, can't wait to tell my son and grandson that i still survived and the sun still rise up on 22 DECEMBER 2012.

Next, cousin weeding. Awesome weeding ever !!!
Cousin sister set the rule, everyone have to wear red colour to attend buffet and purple colour for weeding dinner.
here is the picture, it looks great fantastic marvelous !! :)

it looks like chinese new year. the house full of joyful. :D

the actual day.
the couple book this from hong kong. is sooooo cute !!

                      love this picture so much, it seems like mom and auntie get drunk already :D

                                                            oppa gangnam style

all the best for cousieee and welcome to our big family :)

after weeding dinner is my time, yeahhh !! :D
Celebrate my christmas eve at Kl stage with the babe girls and mable boyfie, marcus and lian ping.
I am so excited when i am on the way, keep talking non-stop.
DAFUQQQ, we only knew that they have released our table on 11.30pm.
unfortunatelly we reach at 11.45pm.
Full house ad, the stupid fucker ambassador still ask us to buy alcohol first.
okay then, they take 6 bottle and pay money.
She said no more table for us.
Holly shit, we plan to go next round.
before we leave, we saw kk coursemate sean tee, drunk ad.
sit alone, so pity !!
haiya, that stage night really pissed me off !!

finally we left at 3am and we back to kk house.
okayyy then, party start !!
din take much picture on that night but we have a lot fun.
is super duper funny on the card game session !!
drunk at 6am, kk carry me to her bedroom.
i think they still continue, not sure until what time.
i awake 1.30pm.

so i thought that i will spent my christmas alone.
night time sean tee bring me and kk to i city. YEAHHHH !!
and we entered into the snow world.

this is my christmas.
so what next? new year eve !!
i celebrate christmas eve with my friend so have to balance back.
Celebrate new year eve with family and my cousiee !!

 went to cousiee home which is near to solaris.
her condo is at 23rd floor, it is a nice view to watch PJ area firework.

even though desa park city firework is longer than soloris firework, but solaris firework is awesome.
nearly same like hong kong disneyland.

end my post with this awesome firework picture.

new year new hope new hairstyle !!
shit, i regret now !!