Friday, 4 October 2013

I just can't take this stress anymore!!
I have no way out for this stress!!

i din smoke, i din take drugs..i just went for a holiday?
my baddddd?
why keep mumbling??
Do you know how long i stress up myself?
July and August i work like a cow,i spend for myself.
I did anything wrong??

You always ask me read the news.
All is about tarc/F6 student can't get good result and eventually went to commit suicide
Is this the ending you want????

I tot you always proud of me?
I just trying to help my classmate.
Why you twisting my thought?
I never look down on her
Why you say i bully my classmate and even say I influence my friend to hate her???
I just want to help her because you taught me this!

I always happy outside doesn't means I am happy inside!
I very suffer for my final year!
I seriously has no way out to release my stress!
You still keep stress me out!

You never see how good am I!!
You always pointed my bad!
Whenever come to shit happen, you will just pointed is my bad!
Even is other people bad, you still insist is my bad!

Wtfuqq! No matter how good am I is never enough for you right !!!!