Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Chapter 27 Random post

Puff Puff.
Dust everywhere.

A lot matter I wish to update here but I really no time to do so :(
Drowninggg with assignment. 
Every Wednesday pass up an assignment for Research Method.
Research Method is just the first step for the Viva. 
Eww, is terrible when I heard Steffi what she is doing right now which means I will do this after two sem.
Prayyy hard hard, if I fail Viva I can't graduate on time. 

nothing to update.
time will tell how much you love me, indeed.

you have your own choice your own priority your precious your whatever else.

all of you is my BFF until the end of the world !!!

perhaps my body is not that fragile
I always fall sick when I rushing assignment. ALWAYSSSSS!
I have no time to sick pleaseeeee :((

Holly shit when you see this term all put together
It doesn't seems nice.
So far I have leave two assignment and presentation only
Both of this is my final project for this two subject.
Lecturer haven brief us on this assignment *tensionnnnn*
Wonder how to settle this within two weeks time
So just leave me alone, I will be super emo. 
After this two assignment presented, final is coming soon.
Final exam fall on 18 and end on 20 dec.
After that holidayyyy.Yipeeeeeeee
I have to start my revision right after I finish presentation.
Last day of exam I have to sit for two subject.

Best mom ever.
Recently I seldom hang out at nigth coz I rushing assignment
Mom prepare a lot of nice food/soup for me  *feelinggggmamalovedeepdeep*
Dad went out station for two weeks already
Even though I seldom talk to him, but still I will what apps him.

December is coming real soon.
December is a lovely month for me. Celebration month.
Christmas decoration every where.
I just can't wait for the year end celebration.


kay, back to reality.


Friday, 4 October 2013

I just can't take this stress anymore!!
I have no way out for this stress!!

i din smoke, i din take drugs..i just went for a holiday?
my baddddd?
why keep mumbling??
Do you know how long i stress up myself?
July and August i work like a cow,i spend for myself.
I did anything wrong??

You always ask me read the news.
All is about tarc/F6 student can't get good result and eventually went to commit suicide
Is this the ending you want????

I tot you always proud of me?
I just trying to help my classmate.
Why you twisting my thought?
I never look down on her
Why you say i bully my classmate and even say I influence my friend to hate her???
I just want to help her because you taught me this!

I always happy outside doesn't means I am happy inside!
I very suffer for my final year!
I seriously has no way out to release my stress!
You still keep stress me out!

You never see how good am I!!
You always pointed my bad!
Whenever come to shit happen, you will just pointed is my bad!
Even is other people bad, you still insist is my bad!

Wtfuqq! No matter how good am I is never enough for you right !!!!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

chapter 26 那角色


Saturday, 3 August 2013

Chapter 25 how my mom used to be

This morning i have to fetch mom out so I expect that mom will awake me.
I set my alarm 6.30am and 7.30am. I just off my alarm to sleep 10 more min, I tot mom will awake me. I have to fetch her out at 8.30am.

Get back to sleep is one of the best thing for me :)
When I'm awake, I look at my phone.
Fuck, I'm going to late for work. Is already 8.25am and I still have to fetch mom go out.
Rush to bathroom take my shower and get everything done. I tot mom already go out so I do not have to fetch her out. Suddenly she coming back.
I stare at her and raise my voice ask her: WHY YOU NEVER AWAKE ME??
She just ask me why you woke up late?
Then I din't answer anything and I just ask her get ready.

When she get into my car, she pass my breakfast to me. I told her last Friday I want to eat the kuih and this morning she do not have to work so she went to market bought for me.
Then, she told me : I think auntie went for holiday already, today she is off. I went to other stall want buy lunch for you they also din open.
Damnnnnn, I very guilty! Mom purposely went out buy breakfast and lunch to me yet i still blame her for this and that. I always take this as guaranteed. *guiltyyyyytothemaxxxx*

I always feel like mom only remember what my brother said! She always forget what I need and what I like to eat! She will just prepare my bro favorite food but I already used to it because I am big sister.
Until today, I know mom love both of us.

Swear to the God, my mom treat me like princess and I will treat her like my QUEEN.
I will pay back to mom one day and provide her with a super comfy life.
Just give me another two years time, mom.
I want to be an independent woman before 25 years old !!

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

chapter 24 innovate, creative and critical thinking



这个sem我读了innovative, creative and critical thinkinng
critical thinking是发掘问题的存在

有谁想过七年后我们的电话都是touch screen,phew phew phew那样
你拿button phone出来,人家都会吓到。
以前朋友刚开始用smart phone全部都:oii,借来看下。
现在出到来喝茶,全部坐下按电话check in! 天啊!

回正题,这个sem我做的功课是portable heel shoe。
想象到吗?portable heel shoe,你只需要买鞋子。
为什么Malaysisa designer没有想过这问题?


牙膏shampoo车锁匙电脑bra电话pad pad facebook汽水,一大堆很简单的东西