Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Chapter 27 Random post

Puff Puff.
Dust everywhere.

A lot matter I wish to update here but I really no time to do so :(
Drowninggg with assignment. 
Every Wednesday pass up an assignment for Research Method.
Research Method is just the first step for the Viva. 
Eww, is terrible when I heard Steffi what she is doing right now which means I will do this after two sem.
Prayyy hard hard, if I fail Viva I can't graduate on time. 

nothing to update.
time will tell how much you love me, indeed.

you have your own choice your own priority your precious your whatever else.

all of you is my BFF until the end of the world !!!

perhaps my body is not that fragile
I always fall sick when I rushing assignment. ALWAYSSSSS!
I have no time to sick pleaseeeee :((

Holly shit when you see this term all put together
It doesn't seems nice.
So far I have leave two assignment and presentation only
Both of this is my final project for this two subject.
Lecturer haven brief us on this assignment *tensionnnnn*
Wonder how to settle this within two weeks time
So just leave me alone, I will be super emo. 
After this two assignment presented, final is coming soon.
Final exam fall on 18 and end on 20 dec.
After that holidayyyy.Yipeeeeeeee
I have to start my revision right after I finish presentation.
Last day of exam I have to sit for two subject.

Best mom ever.
Recently I seldom hang out at nigth coz I rushing assignment
Mom prepare a lot of nice food/soup for me  *feelinggggmamalovedeepdeep*
Dad went out station for two weeks already
Even though I seldom talk to him, but still I will what apps him.

December is coming real soon.
December is a lovely month for me. Celebration month.
Christmas decoration every where.
I just can't wait for the year end celebration.


kay, back to reality.