Tuesday, 20 November 2012

chapter 18 week 11

Confidence girl shows naked face instead of naked body :)

is week 11 now.
i just finish one assignment.
so now, 10 more assignment to go. 

Suckkk EQ, i am not good in handling my emotion.
alwayssss emo.

smile can hide everything right?
i remember last thursday i very bek cik.
kk is the one always understand me very well.
i don't need to tell her what's in my mind, she will know what i want.

she text me why m i so emo.
i felt surprised, how come she know what's in  :O
then she bring me out for lok lok.

so sweet 

awwww, all of my babe girl always cheer me up.

i remember i told someone
two is better than one, one is better than unfaithful!   forever alone !!!
then the someone answer me: 一个人不可能!

hahahaa, 有意思!

gotta continue with my assignment. 
emo, week 11 now :'(

chapter 17 BATWOMAN

i will always remember you are the one.
my super batwoman :)

the scene you come to save me